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Asset Management

Asset owners can rest easy. Our dedicated, in-house team of engineers, electricians, and operators provide turnkey operations, maintenance, and support services for solar PV and battery energy storage assets.
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Platform Competency

We’re equipped to maintain your project, in whatever form it takes:

Monitoring + Performance — Protect Your Legacy

With round-the-clock monitoring from our operations center, we set our sights on your sites. We also keep watch on the external factors that can impact operations, such as regional weather and host utility service outages.

With hundreds of MWs of PVsyst experience, our performance engineers are ready to dive deep to elevate your facility’s performance:

Monitoring + Response

  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) commissioning + alarms setup
  • Daily monitoring + alarms response
  • Alarms tuning based on unique site characteristics

Optimization + Reporting

  • PVsyst modeling
  • Performance testing + optimization (NREL PR + ASTM 2848)
  • Inverter-level availability reporting
  • Inverter tuning to maximize AC output in compliance with interconnection agreements
  • Production trend analysis
  • Customized reporting
  • PPA invoicing

Platform Competency

We’re fluent in a wide variety of leading technologies and software platforms, including:

Maintenance | Planned + Reactive

With in-house engineers supporting our boots-on-the-ground technicians, together, we’ll optimize planned inspection and maintenance schedules for your assets, as well as offer market-leading response times to unplanned outages. 

With deep experience across all component types, our team is prepared to become your trusted steward of a host of modules, trackers, transformers, and more. Our maintenance package includes:

Parts + Warranties

  • Warranty claim enforcement and securing of RMAs
  • EPC warranty management
  • Spare parts storage and management

Inspections + Planned Maintenance

  • Electrical inspections, including DC, low-voltage AC, medium-voltage AC
  • Transformer testing and oil sampling | NETA standard
  • Mechanical inspections, including fixed racking / trackers, met stations, DAS
  • Switchgear inspections
  • Meter and pyranometer calibration
  • Infrared thermography | Raptor Maps

Event Response + Reactive Maintenance

  • Cloud-based platform to document site visits with “as found” and “as left” conditions, providing transparent and real-time visibility for asset owners
  • Relay programming, troubleshooting, and event diagnosis 
  • Management of stormwater features

Vegetation Management

From treeline and vegetative buffer management, to fence and stormwater feature repairs, our in-house team of vegetation management crews — in collaboration with regional partners — can tailor personalized vegetation management plans, while minimizing associated costs. 

Pollinator Certified

Sun Tribe has a commitment to supporting the proliferation of native pollinator species at ground mounted solar sites. We were on the ground floor of the development of Virginia’s Pollinator-Smart / Bird Habitat Scorecard program and established the first pollinator-certified site in 2020. 

Pollinator-friendly solar sites leverage native vegetation to support birds, butterflies, and other crucial wildlife. From optimizing the native seed mix and mowing regime, to continually mapping and eradicating invasive species, Sun Tribe is committed to ensuring that native pollinator species thrive at our ground mounted solar sites.

Drone Services

We’ll be your eyes in the skies. A crucial tool in the asset management toolbox, we employ drones to collect data, pinpoint problems, and to streamline module RMAs. Our drone-related services include:

  • Infrared imaging
  • Aerial photography to identify site abnormalities and boundary conditions
  • Improved performance monitoring
  • Easily accessible reports via cloud portal with superior archival metadata 
  • Analytics and reports via Raptor Maps

We are proud to manage projects serving:

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