Our Values

At Sun Tribe, values are action verbs, not nouns or adjectives. Whether partnering with community leaders or incorporating pollinator-friendly principles into solar projects, the legacies we help build are always rooted in integrity first.

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    We believe in human connection. By reaching out, listening, and demonstrating partnership, we purposefully extend the benefits of solar to all whose lives our projects touch.

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    Our industry-leading safety standards keep people safe, and projects smooth. By championing our teams’ physical and mental wellbeing, we help ensure they feel their best — and bring it to work.

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    Perpetual Improvement

    The opportunity to learn, adapt, and advance is boundless when you persist, as we do, in continually seeking out new ways to grow.

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    From tackling climate change with solar and reducing fossil fuel air pollution to integrating agrivoltaics into projects, environmental stewardship is part of our corporate DNA.

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    It feels good to make the world a better place, together. As we help shape a clean energy future, our teams and clients alike experience the pleasure and gratitude of working with engaged, purpose-driven partners.

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    We treat all people and projects with courtesy and consideration, recognizing that mutual respect makes us better.


Our Values


Inclusion & Diversity

At Sun Tribe, we believe all employees have something special to contribute — when they feel invited to do so. 

We seek to build a culture that ensures team members feel valued for their skills and experience, as well as for their unique backgrounds and perspectives.

We’re in the midst of an ongoing journey to make the Sun Tribe internally better represent the world and communities we serve. Although that work continues, we’re also proud of the progress we’ve made so far, including company-wide implicit bias recognition training and workshops designed to build compassion and empathy. 

Words into Action

Sun Tribe + Diversity in the Solar Industry