Build a Legacy.


In less than a decade, Sun Tribe has grown into one of the largest clean energy companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. We are a disciplined team who love this work and continually strive to set a new standard for what’s possible.

We’re proud of what we do. We’re even more proud of who we are — a disciplined team who continually strive to prove the possible for solar today, and into the future.

  • Austin deButts
    Vice President of Origination
  • Avery Clemens
    Development Engineer
  • Becca Stoner
    Senior Development Engineer
  • Betsy Arlen
    Vice President of Real Estate
  • Billy Addison
    O&M Technician III
  • Bobby Jocz
    Associate Director of Project Development
  • Chelsea Cox
    Product Manager
  • Chris Hapgood
  • Chris Lower
    Civil Superintendent
  • Clay Tharrington
    Construction Manager
  • Coty Allen
    Talent Manager
  • Dan Band
    Associate Director of Project Development
  • Daniel Willson
    Operations Manager
  • Danny Van Clief
    CEO at Sun Tribe Development
  • Devin Mayberry
    Civil Project Engineer
  • Devin Welch
    Chairman at Sun Tribe
  • Devon Davis
    Electrical Superintendent
  • Eli Turner
    Design Manager
  • Erin Dinger
    Director of Talent & Administration
  • Evan Merkel
    Senior Project Engineer
  • Francesca Callicotte
    Policy & Strategy Manager
  • Frank Dubec
    Land Acquisition Manager
  • Geoff Suttle
    Vice President of Development
  • Hannah Hellman
    Project Manager
  • Ian Ayers
    Vice President of Aggregation
  • James Broderick
    Project Manager
  • James Evarts
    Director of Supply Chain
  • James Wittwer
    Senior Preconstruction Manager
  • Jason Kelts
    Director of Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Jeremy Stout
  • Jess Cummings
    Associate Director of Land Origination
  • JJ Petti
    Interconnection & Grid Strategies Manager
  • Joaquin Spada
    Plant Maintenance Technician
  • John Marier
    Senior Development Engineer
  • John Townsend
    Senior Project Developer
  • Kathleen Voss
    Customer Success Manager
  • Owen Brenner
    Development Engineer
  • Marcus Grimes
  • Marion Dullea
    Senior Assistant Project Manager
  • Mary Connolly Mowrer
    Senior Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Megan Delamont
    GIS Associate
  • Patrick Knittle
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrick Smith
    Senior Civil Project Engineer
  • Robert Beaudette
    O&M Electrician
  • Rory Smyth
    Project Manager
  • Ryan Blake
  • Ryan Tully
    President of Asset Management
  • Scott Morgan
    Director, EPC Contracts and Operational Controls
  • Scott Patterson
    Senior Accounting Manager
  • Scott Rosenblum
    Senior Accountant
  • Sean Rooney
    CEO at Sun Tribe EPC
  • Seth Herman
    Director of Community
  • Shane Reed
    Commissioning Manager
  • Shannon Higgins
    Construction Manager
  • Sunya Qamar
    Development Engineer
  • Taylor Brown
    Vice President of Pre Construction
  • Taylor Pond
    O&M Technician II
  • Thomas Dodd
    Assistant Project Manager
  • Todd Hext
    Project Manager
  • Tom Griffin
    Senior Design Engineer
  • Tom Paquette
    Senior Preconstruction Manager
  • Tony Deyerle
    Senior Project Developer
  • Trevor Francis
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Tyler Brock
    Project Developer
  • Tyler Dick
    Project Manager
  • Tyler McGilvery
    Associate Project Developer
  • Zack Davis
    Construction Manager
  • Zlatan Herceg
    Construction Manager



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