Your Clean Energy


At Sun Tribe, we’re proud of our record: having served as a comprehensive advisor and delivery firm to leading local governments, school districts, and private sector businesses – from initial evaluation and engineering through construction and long-term asset management. At first glance, the solutions below can look similar to what other clean energy companies offer. But the difference lies in finding a team with the integrity needed for a successful long- term partnership, combined with on-the-ground experience in making these solutions a reality. In short: our team can help any organization meet all of its energy needs.


Roof Mount

Flat roof mounts provide a key advantage for solar: it allows our engineers to design a system that faces South, which maximizes production and efficiency. Our solar systems on flat roofs are almost always ballasted – structurally engineered for stability while designed to minimize roof penetrations. Solar is possible on nearly any type of flat roof, whether it’s TPO, EPDM, or BUR.

Solar System from Sun Tribe on Saint Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA

Roof Mount

Solar can be designed for all kinds of pitched roofs, but commercially the most common is metal standing seam where the mods (panels) are attached using s-5! clips. The goal: to provide a modern, streamlined look while minimizing roof penetrations. Installation on pitched roofs requires additional fall protection measures for on-site workers, so it’s essential to work with a clean provider with an experienced in-house safety team.


Ground Mount

Fixed ground mount systems are a great option for small to medium sized plots of land, and they provide a significant benefit: they’re solid state technology that require little maintenance. For school systems, local governments, or companies that are interested in conservation, ground mounted solar provides financial benefits today while ensuring long-term environmental impact, since the land is restored to its original condition once the system is removed.


Ground Mount

Just as the name suggests, tracking ground mount systems are designed to track the path of the sun throughout the day, adjusting to ensure the greatest possible power generated through each mod (panel). Tracking ground mounts are usually best suited to utility-scale projects – larger plots of land where power goes back to the larger electric grid instead of an on-site building

Garage Top


Parking garages and decks are an important piece of infrastructure for cities, hospitals, and companies – one which, unfortunately, is often under-utilized. Garage top carports are the answer to this challenge: providing power for nearby buildings and potential cost savings. It has the added benefit of immediately turning the least desirable parking level into a visible reminder of any organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Carport Solar System provide shade and clean energy
Surface Lot


Surface lot carports provide significant advantages to schools, hotels, governments, and businesses: they’re an immediate signal to the community that your organization cares about renewable energy; protect cars, trucks, and buses from rain and snow; and can potentially provide power for electric vehicle charging stations, which are growing in popularity. This solution is often among the most flexible and is especially well suited for organizations whose buildings are not a good fit for solar.

Utility Scale & On-Site


Storage is increasingly seen as essential for organizations that serve as critical resiliency hubs, businesses that require consistent power even in the face of inclement weather, or utilities looking to strengthen the grid and gain greater flexibility. At Sun Tribe, we specialize in behind-the-meter storage (for individual buildings) as well as utility-scale storage (for larger projects). Think of solar storage as a battery ready to provide power when it’s needed most.