Utility-Scale Development

For Offtakers

Corporations and other voluntary offtakers of large-scale solar and solar+storage projects are signing power purchase agreements (PPAs) in record numbers. That’s great news for the clean energy transition.

Now, a growing number of offtakers are looking beyond mere megawatts for solar that does more. This is where legacy-grade Sun Tribe clean energy projects come in.

7 Ways Sun Tribe Projects Deliver Value for Offtakers

  • Meet Additionality Requirements

    It’s no longer enough to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from old solar projects as a way to meet renewable energy or emissions-reduction goals. Supporting the buildout of new renewable capacity on the power grid (additionality) is crucial — which is exactly what Sun Tribe-developed clean energy projects do.

  • Achieve Net-zero Targets and Scope 2 Decarbonization

    More companies than ever are setting science-based or other net-zero targets. A Sun Tribe PPA helps directly slash Scope 2 emissions associated with your electricity consumption. Plus, as supply chain Scope 3 decarbonization gains momentum, a Sun Tribe PPA also helps upstream companies meet the increasing demands of their large corporate customers with Scope 3 targets.

  • Hedge Energy Price Increases and Volatility

    Electricity prices for grid-sourced power rose an average 14% nationwide in 2022. Plus, worsening summer heat waves and severe storms are stressing power grids, causing a growing number of large price spikes. Sun Tribe PPAs help you hedge against both, with stable and predictable costs for clean, reliable solar power.

  • Proximity to Corporate Offices and Data Centers

    For organizations that prioritize sourcing their renewable energy from the same grid region where they have operations, Sun Tribe’s pipeline throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast offer desirable proximity to northern Virginia data centers and major hubs such as Washington, DC, and Richmond, VA.

  • Greater Avoided Emissions Benefits

    For organizations that prioritize maximizing the avoided emissions benefits of their renewable energy investments, Sun Tribe’s portfolio includes many sites throughout PJM territory, where new solar can displace a greater amount of dirty coal-fired generation, accelerating the clean energy transition faster than investing in regions where the grid has already moved largely away from coal.

  • Beyond-Solar Benefits of Impact PPAs

    Clean, reliable, affordable megawatts of solar power are great. They’re even greater when they go further. Sun Tribe projects go the extra mile, such as incorporating pollinator-friendly principles into project development and partnering with local schools to make solar energy part of educational curricula.

  • Supporting a Just Transition

    Active throughout Appalachia — where the transition away from fossil fuels has impacted local economies and communities — Sun Tribe projects proudly and purposefully bring investment, jobs, and other benefits to disadvantaged regions.

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