Build a Legacy.


Our nation’s energy transition is unfolding at the local level. It’s no secret why: renewable energy projects promise — and deliver — substantial benefits for the localities in which they are sited.

Income for property owners; local tax revenue for 35 or more years; economic investment and workforce development; preservation of land that can later be restored to its original condition; domestic energy security – these are some of the many benefits the renewable energy transition brings to a community.

Unlocking these benefits often requires local leaders and community members to consider the project’s fit within existing and future land use policy, further localizing an energy transition that literally happens county by county, and site by site.

A Good Neighbor

Developing clean energy projects is like a good old-fashioned barn raising. It takes local leadership paired with a community of willing neighbors to make it happen. At Sun Tribe, we’re deeply committed to being one of those good neighbors — to the landowner hosting a project, to the neighbors adjacent to the property, and to the community that welcomes us in.

Not all clean energy projects are created equal, and we believe that the privilege of siting a project in a community is earned, not given. We ask permission to become your neighbor, and that permission is only earned once we demonstrate that we have:

  • Carefully chosen our site

    one that it is thoughtfully located and limits viewshed impacts

  • Adequately engaged with community members and neighbors

    ensuring that community input has not only been heard, but incorporated into our development plan

  • Proposed a project that

    conforms with zoning and the long-range comprehensive plan of the locality

  • Maximized the economic benefits

    for the locality

  • Incorporated engineering and design features that

    unequivocally address local, state, and federal requirements concerning environmental impacts.

Working with you hand in hand

At Sun Tribe, no partners are more important to us than the planning staff and local elected officials charged with reviewing our proposed projects.

We demonstrate respect for the communities in which we operate, not only through our thoughtful development plans, but our commitment to transparent, courteous, and professional engagement.

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