Curriculum Integration

Solar Education: Partners in Our Community

Sun Tribe is committed to being active partners in educating our community about solar. Through community outreach, we educate people on the financial savings of solar energy, the science of how solar works, and the environmental impact of solar power on our local and global community.

What is Curriculum Integration?

But perhaps the best opportunity for educating the next generation about the impact of solar is through our Curriculum Integration program, which is made available to all of our school partners.

Curriculum integration starts with an in-depth conversation about each school’s existing STEM and CTE training opportunities – some districts have robust programs in place, while others are looking to engage in renewable energy education for the first time. Either way, our goal is to support the work of educators and administrators are already doing, and fit solar education to individual needs. We do this, in part, through a partnership with a renowned national non-profit (The NEED Project), which helps provide training for teachers and administrators so that they can incorporate all aspects of solar education into lesson plans across all subject areas.

Classroom Tools Included

Our training program supports educational opportunities for grades K-12 and covers every step of the solar process for both educators and students. For educators who want to get students excited about science, we provide opportunities to show the applicability of science outside of the classroom or lab. Part of that effort is a real-time monitoring system on every solar installation, which means the entire school community can pull data directly from the system for live analysis.

While the educational opportunities are unlimited, our goal is simple: to make curriculum integration and community education seamless and fun. At Sun Tribe, we have a robust and passionate team of professional engineers, company leaders, and construction managers who love coming to talk to students for career days. Other opportunities for partner schools have included internships, CTE opportunities, and resources that connect students to various career opportunities across the solar landscape. Whether it is green-collar jobs like construction or STEM-focused jobs like engineering, our program helps make students aware that a diverse world of opportunities are available to them as they build their future.

Our Experts Teach You

With solar curriculum integration, educators get the training and support they need, while students get applicable, hands-on knowledge that is specifically designed to support the STEM focus of the SOLs, the language of the SATs, and the Common CORE. Incorporating multiple aspects of solar into lesson plans also supports technical careers and CTE focus courses.

We are committed to being leaders and educators within our community. When public-sector entities embrace solar, they are helping build a world where every citizen is a better, more engaged steward of the planet. Being good community partners is at the heart of every project we take on, and that starts with education.

We’d love to partner with you and help bring the power of solar to your community. Send us a note and one of our resident solar education experts will be in touch.


How Schools are Using PPAs to Save Money

“The hands-on, authentic learning opportunities for our students are equally valuable.”

– Dr. Peter Gretz, Superintendent, Middlesex County Public Schools


Middlesex County Public Schools is a national leader in providing educational opportunities while being good stewards of community resources. Working closely with Sun Tribe, Middlesex County Public Schools installed the first ground-mounted solar system at any school in Virginia, will be the first school district in the Commonwealth to have its schools 100 percent powered by on-site renewable energy. All while saving $4.74 million for taxpayers.


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