Getting Started

In a complex and fast-changing marketplace it can be tough to keep up.

That’s why at Sun Tribe, our focus on partnerships extends into education. Our team of industry-leading experts are dedicated to working with you at every step along the way to understand solar technology, financing, regulations, and engineering. Here’s the good news: with solar, what’s good for our future is also good for your bottom line today – it’s a sustainable, affordable, dependable way to power your business, school, factory, or data center.

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Things To Know

  • PPAs

    Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) help governments, schools, and non-profits embrace solar with no cost, while expanding learning and CTE opportunities for students and community members.


    Sun Tribe has the first Gold Certified pollinator-friendly solar site in Virginia. Learn how you can implement solar and save on energy bills while supporting birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

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    Our team is award-winning:
    Sun Tribe was the 2018 MDV-SEIA Solar Champion of the Year


    Whether you’re buying your system up front (and keeping the accompanying tax incentives) or exploring other programs, solar has never been a smarter long-term investment.


    Tax policy can be challenging, but here’s the key: now is the perfect time to invest in solar in order to maximize financial savings.


    At Sun Tribe, safety is our #1 priority. That’s why we’ve built an industry-leading in-house safety program focused on creating a culture of wellness.

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    We lead in solar innovation:
    helping the first district in Virginia see 100 percent of its schools powered by solar.


    We partner with a national non-profit (The NEED Project) to make community education and curriculum integration for schools seamless, engaging, and completely customizable.


    The official seal of authentication for renewable energy. Think of RECs as the “certified organic” label of energy –– how we distinguish renewable from nonrenewable energy.

Building Solar

From A to Z

Solar is a smart investment if you have the right team in place to plan and execute the best, most efficient system that meets your needs. At Sun Tribe, we offer a fully integrated process:

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    Our development team will work with you to educate your team about solar, evaluate your site, and address critical potential roadblocks like permitting and community engagement.

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    Sun Tribe is built on top-notch engineers with real-world experience from every corner of the globe. Our engineers work closely with you to design a system that exceeds your expectations and maximizes your savings.

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    With solar technology changing rapidly, Sun Tribe maintains best-in-class relationships with the manufacturers and designers of leading-edge equipment. Our procurement process ensures that you get the best quality system components on the market.

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    We’re not afraid to say it: we have the best construction team in the business, dedicated to bringing in projects on time, under budget, and 100 percent safe. Because your project is only as good as the team building it.


  • How much does a solar energy system cost?

    At Sun Tribe, we design every system to meet our partner’s specific needs. Combine that with significant tax incentives, and the answer is: every system will vary in cost, but investing in solar comes with very real short- and long-term financial benefits. To help determine cost – and potential savings – our process starts with an analysis of your current and historical electrical usage, along with a thorough site evaluation aimed at determining the right size system for you. After our engineering team designs the right system, our finance, legal, and regulatory experts will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your new investment.

  • How long will my solar system last?

    Most solar systems are what’s known as solid-state – with no moving parts, your system will require little maintenance and is designed to last a long time. The key working with a team of experts who can guide your equipment choices. At Sun Tribe, we’re committed to using only Tier 1 solar modules, which are the best on the market today. We back up our equipment with a full 10-year production guarantee, helping you identify and replace any faulty panels. Most solar panels also come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, with most systems expected to last at least 30 years.

  • Can I use my solar system as a back-up source when my community loses power?

    The short answer: maybe.

    The longer answer: there are essentially two types of solar systems. Most systems are connected directly to the electrical grid and don’t have a battery. For both safety and legal reasons, these systems are designed to shut down as soon as a power outage is detected – ensuring that power from your array isn’t feeding into wires that workers are trying to repair. Your system will make this adjustment instantly, with no action needed from you. The other option is a battery-backed solar system, which can provide back up power, but often requires a larger up-front investment to design and maintain.

  • Will a solar installation damage my roof?

    Most of the systems we design and install are ballasted – safely held in place without penetrating your roof. But at Sun Tribe, we take roofing decisions seriously, which is why we collaborate with your roof manufacturer to ensure that our solar system installation doesn’t void your existing roof warranty and our in-house construction teams work carefully during installation.