The marketplace: it’s competitive, and you need every advantage you can get. So whether you’re answering to shareholders as the CEO of a publicly-traded company or working with a smaller group of business partners, friends, and family, it’s your responsibility to find a competitive edge.

As the cost of traditional energy continues to rise, a transition to solar power is more than just good for your brand – it’s good for your bottom line too. Sun Tribe has deep experience in the design, financing, and construction of leading industrial solar systems, and will work closely with you to ensure a rapid ROI that helps keep you ahead of your competitors.

In the quickly expanding renewable space, it’s not hard to find companies interested in being your solar provider. But as a fully-integrated EPC partner capable of serving as a trusted advisor, Sun Tribe is uniquely positioned to ensure that your investment pays off.

Our industry program:

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    You’re not looking for a salesperson – you’re looking for a partner to advise you on the range of financial, tax, and technical benefits of powering your business with solar. Our process starts with a comprehensive consultation aimed at evaluating your needs and recommending the right path forward.

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    In business, your biggest investment isn’t your buildings or your materials – it’s your people. At Sun Tribe, our team has been built on the foundation of expert engineers who know how to design the most efficient system for even the most complicated of customer needs. At this stage, we can calculate your potential savings and build the best system for you.

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    Planning and Procurement

    The quality of your materials has a significant impact on the productivity, longevity, and durability of your solar system. At Sun Tribe, we maintain strong relationships with leading manufacturers and vendors across the world with one goal: being able to source the highest-quality components for a system that will provide you decades of power.

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    Sun Tribe has a strong record of safe, sustainable construction projects delivered on-time and under budget. Our safety program is led by a Certified Safety Professional with over 250 MW of solar installation safety management experience. And our in-house team of NABCEP-certified and OSHA-trained solar professionals know how to get the job done. Sun Tribe is a fully bonded and insured contractor, and we’re ready to build you the best possible system.


Green Applications: Solar Powered Manufacturing

Green Applications is one of the largest printers and distributors of textile merchandise on the East Coast, with a 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the former American Press building in Gordonsville, Virginia. Sun Tribe designed and built a solar system that would help Green Applications save money but also position Green Applications as a leader in sustainable manufacturing. When it was built, the Green Applications solar system was the largest on-site Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Virginia history.

Green Applications - Solar Powered Manufacturing