Solar that does more

Ingenuity, backed by proven technology and delivery. We don’t just prove what’s possible via our projects. We also expand what’s possible and grow the market… and the benefits of legacy-grade clean energy projects.

From powering the nation’s first 100% on-site solar school district to building Virginia’s first solar array to sit on an abandoned coal mine, we’re proud of our reputation for innovation.

Solar that’s additional

‘Additionality’ is an important buzzword in the business. It means adding new projects to the power grid, bringing even more clean, reliable, and affordable energy to utilities and their customers. At Sun Tribe, it also means leaning into our tenacity – bringing to fruition projects that might not otherwise get built just because they’re considered ‘tough.’

Solar that expands markets

Through legislative advocacy, trade association leadership, and more, Sun Tribe is expanding the overall size of the solar market — for the benefit of all market participants, including other solar developers. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Solar that reaches new market segments

Abandoned brownfields haven’t seen prolific solar development to date… an issue we are actively rectifying by bringing solar to former coalfields and other underutilized, distressed land parcels.

Solar that solves technical challenges

Complex settings inspire novel solutions at Sun Tribe. For example, when the opportunity arose to construct the country’s longest open-span solar canopy, our team deftly rose to the challenge, and delivered.

Innovation in action

Every year we break new ground, achieving new firsts in the Commonwealth of Virginia — innovations that spark inspiration in other areas, too.

  • 2017:

    First commercial PPA, first single-span solar canopy, and first public school ground mount

  • 2018:

    First gold-certified pollinator project and first solar project on a former coal mine

  • 2019:

    First 100% onsite solar school district and first REC swap agreement

  • 2020:

    First net-metered project >1MW and first and only REC aggregator

  • 2021:

    First solar services management agreement and first virtual PPA

  • 2022:

    First executed VCEA distributed energy resource PPA

  • 2023:

    Coming soon