Solar that does more:


Domestic Clean Energy

Solar energy means low-cost, domestic, and clean energy that reduces air pollution and helps decarbonize the power grid. But at Sun Tribe our projects go further, delivering legacy-grade solar that actively contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment beyond the green electrons that feed into the grid and support our communities.

Solar that fuels your environmental legacy

Many of our client-partners aspire to help shape a better world for future generations. Our projects reduce air pollution by displacing any need for coal-fired power, improving air quality for local communities now and into the future.

Together, we also address the climate crisis by avoiding tens of millions of tons of CO2 emissions from fossil-burning power plants.

Sharing our overarching commitment to environmental stewardship, respected environmental nonprofits count Sun Tribe utility-scale projects as highlights in their renewable energy portfolios.

Solar that supports pollinators

Sun Tribe’s pollinator-friendly solar projects support birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, extending solar’s potential benefits to broader ecosystems. With discipline and resourcefulness, we have become leaders in this space by:

  • Principles

    Incorporating pollinator-friendly principles into projects of all sizes. For example, we can position panels to enable native plant species to flourish under a system array.

  • Education

    Bringing pollinator-friendly solar education into schools — and garnering the first Gold Certified solar site in Virginia’s Pollinator-Smart Scorecard program.

  • Design

    Designing projects/sites to facilitate other ecosystem advantages like seed mix, grass diversity, and vegetation management plans.

Solar that creates brightfields

Degraded landscapes, revitalized with clean energy. By deploying solar in deteriorated ‘brownfields’ like abandoned mines, Sun Tribe helps turn vacant, idle industrialized land into ‘brightfields’ — enriching the local environment and economy, while re-energizing surrounding communities. 

Our proven track record includes: 

  • Revitalizing brownfields
  • Becoming the first solar developer in Virginia to site an array on an abandoned coal mine.
  • Partnering with The Nature Conservancy to establish solar on former coal mines in the globally important Appalachian forests.