Solar project for the Commonwealth of Virginia by Sun Tribe

Leading the Way

Maybe you’re a Governor looking to grow your state’s economy, an executive guiding your city or county through the transition to clean energy, a City Manager hoping to lower energy costs to balance your budget, or a Washington-based official leading the effort to meet the needs of a growing building portfolio.

At Sun Tribe, we have served as trusted advisors for state, local, and federal partners who know that solar is the best, most efficient choice to fulfill their energy needs while hearing constituent concerns about wisely spending tax dollars and building a more sustainable future.

Serving in government means holding a public trust – a trust that Sun Tribe is dedicated to helping you maintain. We focus on building the best systems that provide the most value, all while respecting the transparency that constituents demand.

Case Study

Commonwealth of Virginia

About the Project

When the Virginia Department of Energy was looking for a partner to provide solar solutions for the Virginia Department of Forestry headquarters in Charlottesville, the Virginia Public Safety Training Center in Hanover, and the Haynesville Correctional Center on Virginia’s Northern Neck, they turned to Sun Tribe for solutions. Working closely with state-level leaders, Sun Tribe designed projects capable of generating 1.3 MW of clean energy – providing essential cost savings that Commonwealth citizens demand.

Renewable Goals

Throughout the country, governments at the state and local level are setting renewable energy goals and thinking comprehensively about how to make those goals a reality. At Sun Tribe, our focus on long-range partnerships and our record of producing immediate, efficient results have made us a good fit for government partners looking for a way forward.