Since 2016

Colleges & Universities Partnerships

We maintain the trust and confidence of diverse partners through persistent good work. To date, we’ve partnered with some of the most established institutions in the Commonwealth to help them reach their energy needs and sustainability goals.

Sun Tribe boasts a team of more than 80 experienced development, engineering, financial, regulatory, procurement, and construction experts. Our projects offset electricity costs, avoid tens of millions of tons of fossil-fuel-driven CO2 emissions and air pollution, and benefit thousands of students in the communities in which we operate.

Beyond the Blueprint

Delivering Your Project

We work with you hand in hand to take solar projects beyond the blueprint. Our team has decades of collective experience bringing projects online while providing outstanding service for administrators, public officials, and community members. With a culture centered around safety, and multiple NABCEP-certified staffers, we work with you to build high-quality projects safely and on time.

Solar That Does More

Building Solar; Strengthening Communities

Creating local jobs does more than grow the economy – it also builds community-rooted project support.

At Sun Tribe, we’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with neighborhood suppliers, contractors, employers, and stakeholders – and we’re committed to creating local jobs in every community in which we work.

Sun Tribe desires to further fuel the engine of workforce development – growing local solar capacity through training, outreach, and a rigorous approach to high-quality standards.

We also support the Solar Hands-On Instructional Network of Excellence (SHINE). SHINE is a training program that helps Virginia residents get jobs at solar arrays being built in their local neighborhoods. Through SHINE, we further inclusive, solar workforce development and equip Virginians with the tools and knowledge they need to enter the sector.