Inova Solutions: Solar Supports Worldwide Service


Project Overview

Since the beginning, Inova Solutions has focused on fixing real-time challenges for their clients – whether helping a leading university and its medical center integrate data, working with one of the nation’s largest cable entertainment and broadband services companies to improve wait times for its customer service representatives, or giving representatives at a top building supply retailer the digital tools they need to manage over 200,000 customer calls per month. Their customers across the world include Yahoo!, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, The Home Depot, GE Capital, and many others.

Inova was looking for a solar partner capable of delivering results while also understanding the local landscape. They found that partner in Sun Tribe.

Tom Hubbard

Managing Partner, Hubbard Properties, LLC

“From the start, our customers have expected – and demanded – reliable solutions of the highest quality, which means that we needed an energy partner who could provide that reliability while also helping us reduce costs. The team at Sun Tribe was able to work with us at every step of the way, from design to installation.”

Solar System Installation by Sun Tribe's Team on Inova Solutions in Charlottesville, VA

Project Highlights

Sun Tribe Solar - A Leader in Virginia Solar

$375,646 Saved

The amount Inova Solutions will save from its estimated 14% energy bill reduction due to the solar system.

Sun Tribe Solar - A Leader in Virginia Solar

Clean Energy Loan Program

Made possible through an innovative collaboration between LEAP, University of Virginia Community Credit Union, and the City of Charlottesville.

Sun Tribe Solar - A Leader in Virginia Solar

Broad Impact

With clients like GE Capital, Lockheed Martin, and Honeywell, the reach of this solar collaboration extends beyond Inova Solutions.

More Details

Bottom Line Solar Savings

Verizon. Moen. Wells Fargo. Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield.

Inova Solutions’ clients are big brands who rely on them to provide Instant Awareness and Informed Action, so they needed a renewable energy partner focused on reliable, sustainable power who could get the job done. And in a competitive business landscape, they needed solar solution capable of generating real financial savings – an investment that would pay off in the short and long terms.

Installed at the company’s Headquarters off the Downtown Charlottesville Mall, Sun Tribe’s solution for Inova made a real difference to the company’s bottom line. Working within the space constraints of a downtown office building, Sun Tribe built a solar system capable of reducing Inova’s energy bills by 14 percent, with an estimated savings of $375,646 over the next 30 years.

At the same time, this project allowed Inova to fulfill a broader commitment to sustainability. The results are real: the power generated is equivalent to removing 113,297 pounds of burning coal from harming our environment, and the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking 22 cars of the road for a year.

The Charlottesville Clean Energy Commercial Loan Program

Sun Tribe is a full-service partner – able to advise companies on the best way to see ROI. In this case, Inova’s system was streamlined thanks to the Charlottesville Clean Energy Commercial Loan Program, which provided the company with an interest-free loan that allowed them to fully embrace solar. The program is a real collaboration between LEAP (local energy assistance program), University of Virginia Community Credit Union, and the City of Charlottesville – all of which are strongly committed to building a better future for Central Virginia. Inova was able to work with their existing financial institution to execute the loan, giving them what they needed to cross the finish line.

“As more and more companies make renewable energy a part of their business plan, the Charlottesville Commercial Clean Energy Loan Program has made it possible for leaders to take those plans from paper to production in a way that’s efficient and means real savings. This program gives business owners and executives the flexibility they require to meet their complex financial and energy needs while ensuring that our team at Sun Tribe can build strong partnerships and advise them on the best way to build a brighter future.”  –Taylor Brown, Chief Technical Officer, Sun Tribe