Living By

Our Values

At Sun Tribe, our values are more than just a corporate mission statement. They are an essential part of how we do our work, how we seek to improve the lives of our neighbors, and how we support our team.

Whether we are building partnerships that provide expanded educational opportunities to local school divisions, or supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the neighborhoods we call home, we are committed to putting our values to work to make a real difference in the world.

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    We focus on staying connected to our community while creating positive local impact through sustainable initiatives.

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    We have built an industry leading culture of safety where their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are prioritized.

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    Perpetual Improvement

    We find new avenues of personal and professional growth through our collective ability to learn, grow and adapt.

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    Our proud history of stewardship of natural resources helps us cultivate a deep appreciation and responsibility for our natural world.

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    Our belief that happy, engaged team members do great work drives us to continuously celebrate joy and gratitude in all we do.

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    Respect for ourselves, our work, our reputation, and one another is a central point to building our inclusive and trustworthy company.

Our Philosophy: All Are Welcome

Inclusion & Diversity

At Sun Tribe, we believe all employees should have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business while being valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives.

Modeling inclusion and diversity in our community and for the entire renewable energy industry starts with building and maintaining a culture within our company which places equitable treatment at the center of all that we do. This initiative is propelled by Sun Tribe’s Inclusion & Diversity Taskforce, which is dedicated to improving awareness of the importance of acceptance in our company and our community. Sun Tribe puts it’s values into action through a wide range of programming: immersive programs like Playground of Empathy, which help our team enhance compassion towards themselves and others; a company-wide book club, in which team members discuss different big picture DEI topics; and implicit bias recognition training for all our managers.

Words into Action

Sun Tribe + Diversity in the Solar Industry