For Landowners

For every landowner – whether you’re a farmer, estate manager, local government, business, or non-profit – stewardship is a top priority; doing everything possible to maximize the value of your land while ensuring it’s available for the next generation to enjoy. Embracing solar is a smart way to make that goal a reality.

At Sun Tribe Development, we understand that landowners are often community members first, and asset owners second. We know that choosing a solar developer is about trust; finding a team who values and respects your land and will work tirelessly to get the support of your neighbors for your project. You want an experienced team – a team with decades of combined experience and skill.

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    Guaranteed Income

    Financial benefits for today and tomorrow

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    Maximum Value

    See higher annual return per acre for your leased land

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    Long-term Preservation

    Ensure your land is available for future generations

Ground mounted solar panels in a field - built by Sun Tribe
Steps To Success


Sun Tribe Development’s relationship with landowners is based on transparency, trust, and timely action. Take a look at our process below:

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    Start A Conversation

    Have questions? We’ll answer them and provide you with the information you need.

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    Site Identification

    Our team of experts specializes in honest site assessments – helping you make an informed decision about the best use of your land for solar.

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    Site Lease

    Site leases are all about fairness. Our legal and financial expertise guarantees that your site lease will be strong and sustainable.

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    Interconnection & Permitting

    Our team works with your local utility to ensure your solar system can provide power without any obstacles. We use the state and local permitting process as an opportunity to build community consensus.

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    Engineering & Construction

    Our in-house engineers know how to design a solar system that maximizes landowner value. And, our construction process is designed to complete projects safely and efficiently.

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    Operation & Maintenance

    One of the benefits of having solar on your land is that we’re responsible for all upkeep, including mowing and landscaping, for the length of the lease.

FAQs for Landowners

  • Can I use my land during the development period?

    Land use during the development period is permitted as long as it does not impact future solar development or impede the necessary assessments.

  • Are there expected maintenance responsibilities as a landowner?

    Sun Tribe Development will be responsible for any land maintenance (mowing, landscaping, etc.) on leased land as well as the operation and maintenance of all solar equipment. Expected maintenance of solar equipment should be minimal.

  • If I sign the lease, is my land guaranteed to be used for solar?

    Building a ground-mounted solar system is a multi-step process, with studies that need to be completed, and permits acquired, before any construction can begin. At Sun Tribe Development, we believe in responsible and honest communication through every step of the process, including absolute clarity on income you can expect as a landowner during the early stages of development.

  • What happens to my land after the lease ends?

    At the end of the lease term, all equipment related to the solar facility is removed from the property. The land is restored as near to its original condition as possible. Sun Tribe Development prepares decommissioning plans for all its utility-scale projects, showing our vision and process to restore your land once the solar system comes down at the end of our lease agreement.

  • Will leasing my land increase my property taxes?

    In short, no: your property tax responsibilities as a landowner will not change. Sun Tribe Development will pay any property taxes and fees related to our solar system, as well as any rollback taxes levied against the property due to a change in land use. As the property owner, you will continue to be responsible for any traditional property taxes.

  • Who has access to the land during lease/under operation?

    The lease grants Sun Tribe Development and its representatives access to the property for regular maintenance and unscheduled service for the life of the project. Access to your land is a responsibility we take seriously, and we work hard to build long-term relationships with our landowners.

  • How long do panels last?

    Solar panels typically have a warranty of 25-30 years. The lifespan of the panel is usually much longer, the same as it would be for any car or appliance warranty.

  • Will the project impact my property value?

    To date, there is no evidence that utility scale solar farms have negatively impacted property values.

  • Who buys the power?

    Sun Tribe Development sells the power to utility and commercial partners. Each facility is unique regarding who power is supplied to.