What We Do

At Sun Tribe Development, we specialize in utility-scale solar: projects that are often called “front of the meter” because they aren’t designed for a single customer meter or an individual customer’s power needs on-site. Instead, the power from our solar projects are fed directly to the energy grid. Sometimes these utility-scale projects are called “solar farms,”, “off-site solar,” or “large-scale solar.” But no matter what they’re called, our projects help utilities, private sector companies, and local governments contribute to the development of a reliable, cost effective, and renewable electric grid.

Success Through Experience

In order to be successful, utility-scale solar means bringing together:

  • Landowners (who lease the land where the systems are installed)
  • Utility & Commercial Partners (who purchase the power being generated, or purchase the solar farm itself)
  • Local & State Authorities (who set land-use rules and regulatory requirements that require permits)

Landowners enjoy up-front fees for site access and the initial development period, with a long-term lease in place for the life of the project; commercial and utility partners get access to affordable sustainable energy, and local governments see the benefits of the positive economic impact associated with the construction and operation of a solar facility in their community.

At Sun Tribe Development, our experienced team of utility-scale solar experts have the land use, local permitting, engineering, and project management experience needed to see projects through from start to finish – unlocking substantial value that would otherwise be left unrealized.

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